The Upcycling Process

This is how you can use your attention-grabbing banners, printed on strong resilient material to:

  • Meet your Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability targets by off-setting your carbon footprint
  • Create a visible good news story
  • Keep on grabbing attention

Step 1 - plan your project

Call us to discuss your idea:

  • How many banners you have available to upcycle
  • What style of bag you would like to produce
  • Product labelling and branding
  • Timescales
  • and we will give you a quote

Step 2 - Preparing your banners for upcycling

  • The banners need to be collected ready for transport to our workshop in Nelson
  • Each banner is individually washed to remove any dirt and grime
  • We plan with you the feature panels for each bag before cutting the banners

Step 3 - Creating your bags

  • The bag panel layout is planned and cut to maximise the number of bags - ensuring each bag has one feature panel of individual character
  • Each bag is hand-crafted by one of our highly skilled team - and signed by its maker